Portux 3D SG


PORTUX 3D SG resin is indicated for the printing of biocompatible and sterilizable surgical guides, suitable for use in dental implant placement surgery.

Make sure your resin passes the test!


Stability Surgical guides printed with PORTUX 3D resin can be sterilized in autoclave without suffering dimensional deformations, fractures or yellowing that affect the final integrity of the guide.
Bluish color: Surgical guides printed with PORTUX 3D SG resin have a slightly bluish and translucent color, which allows a clear visualization of adjacent tissues and teeth.
Biocompatibility: PORTUX 3D SG resin complies with the biocompatibility specifications according to ISO 10993 for medical devices of short contact time.
Viscosity: 380 cP
Printer compatibility: 385 and 405 nm: open LCD/DLP printers.