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Portux 3D Model Ortho


Portux 3D Model Ortho resin for the manufacture of models that enable thermoforming processes for aligners and orthodontics devices. Less toxic than industrials monomers, which means less offensive smell with dental grade monomers.

Make sure your resin passes the test!


Ortho Resin: Ortho model Resin is formulated for the printing of models for Orthodontic Aligners and Bite Appliances.
Dental Grade Monomers: There are three types of monomers for the manufacture of Print Resins (Industrial, Medical and Dental) ask yourself what is my current print resin type? Print Resins with Dental Grade Monomer are less Toxic and less offensive smell!
Portux Ortho Model Resin: Formulated with additives that allow easier separation of the appliance.
Dimensional Stability: Excellent Dimensional Properties for Low Shrinkage and High Strength!
Viscosity: 400 Cp
Printer Compatibility: 385 and 405 nm – Open LCD/DLP Printers.

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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