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Portux 3D Cast


The Portux 3D Cast resin is specifically designed for ceramic injection and metal casting processes.

Make sure your resin passes the test!


Red color: The intense red color of the PORTUX 3D Cast resin facilitates visualizing the details of the printed structure in contrast with the model’s preparation surface.
Excellent detail reproduction: High precision resin, capable of reproducing complex details and achieving an adequate adaptation of the tooth structure. Recommended for the impression of precise and detailed crowns, bridges, substructures and RPD structures.
Ash-free calcining: This characteristic allows obtaining precise and pore-free ceramic castings and pressings, resulting in structures with excellent surface finish.
Viscosity: 200 – 250cP
Excellent color stability: PORTUX 3D Cast resin shows no phase separation in the liquid state. The color of the resin is homogeneous, even after weeks of stability, which allows for better color reproduction in printings.

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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