O-Cryl Orthodontic Resin Monomer


O-cryl® is used for making brightly colored orthodontic appliances with exceptional adaptability and durability. O-cryl is highly resistant to fractures and allows an easy trimming and polishing to recover and maintain its original gloss.

Available in 8oz, 32 oz.


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Blue, Pink, Yellow, Clear


8oz, 32oz


– Easy handling
– Wide variety of brilliantly colored polymers offering more options when customizing patient’s appliances: Yellow, Pink, Green, Clear, Fluorescent Green, Fuchsia, Orange, Blue and now Black and White
– 4 colored monomers (Clear, Yellow, Blue and Magenta) permitting even more color variation to customize patient’s appliances
– 10 minutes polimerization time at room temperature
– Hight polish finish and optimal dimensional stability


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Instructions for use

The O-cryl® self-curing acrylic monomer must be used with the O-cryl® self-curing acrylic polymer, for the elaboration and repairing of orthodontic and orthopedic appliances bases.

By volume: Two parts of O-cryl® self-curing Polymer + One part of O-cryl® self-curing Monomer.

Preparation of the mixture:
– The acrylic dough is prepared in an adequate container (a dappen dish or a glass, silicon, or porcelain container).
– The dosed polymer is poured into the monomer in the indicated ratios, and it is mixed in a cross-wise way continuosly for about 30 seconds approximately, to avoid the air generation and ensure the polymer particles are fully incorporated in the mononer.
– Proceed to pour the dough in its fluid state over the model, in order to obtain a total covering of the retentions of the functional wires.
– The mixture is molded into the palate of the model, wetting in the mixture with the self polimerized acrylic liquid.
– The excesses are cut in order to mold the teeth necks and the limit of the acrylic support in the palate.
– Cover the acrylic model with a container, which can be with the container used for mixing the cast, while the exothermal reaction of the material is done.

The O-cryl self-curing acrylic, polymerizes in a average time of 10 minutes. These intervals can vary according to the room temperature of the site.

Polishing are made according to the current procedures and techniques in practice in dental laboratories.