PMMA Multi-Layer Disc

Our Portux® multilayer discs are designed with a strategic distribution of 10 layers, providing a perfect transition between all layers.

Incomparable beauty and naturalness result from an ideal transition to an incisal with natural translucency.

It is important to highlight that to ensure the intensity of the incisal in the design of the case, the positioning of the axis perpendicular to the layers of the block is essential.


– 10-layer multilayer discs in a wide variety of Vita shades providing greater naturalness and unparalleled esthetics.​

– Anatomic functional design providing an ideal translucency effect in the incisal third of the provisional.​

– Available in various diameters and thicknesses for the different formats of cam machines on the market. ​

– Availability of 35mm discs for the elaboration of complete milled full denture prostheses in selected shades.​​

– Easy handling at the time of milling, providing homogenization in the surface texture, and high polishability.

– Optimal gloss and surface finish allowing to have refraction and light reflection generating more natural restorations.​

– Optimal dimensional stability, ensuring the accuracy of clinical procedures.​

– Optimal color stability over time.​

– High resistance to flexion and flexural modulus, resisting the forces exerted by chewing loads.


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