Opti-Cryl High Impact Denture Base Polymer


The high impact OPTI-CRYL acrylic resin is a copolymer that presents an improvement in the mechanical properties of denture bases such as impact resistance. Hi-Impact acrylic is formulated to resist breakage with a high fl­exural strength. Natural aesthetics and ease of handling make this a superior product for the fabrication of removable prosthetics.


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Original, Meharry


1lb, 5lb, 22lb


– High impact strength to resist breakage in dentures and overdentures
– Excellent handling characteristics for both heat cure and microwave techniques
– Provides an accurate copy of the wax pattern
– Available in beautifully characterized Original and Meharry shades
– Low residual monomer
– Biocompatibility with oral tissues
– Optimal resisistance to flexure fatigue, formulated specifically to resist breakage


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Instructions for use

High Impact Heat Acrylic Resin Opti-cryl®:
– High Impact Heat-curing Acrylic must be used with the heat-curing Monomer and polymerized to heat.

Proportions: The mixing ratio is:
– By weight: Two parts of polymer and one part of monomer (heat-curing).
– By volume: Three parts of polymer and one part of monomer (heat-curing).

Mixture preparation: Prepare the mixture in a suitable container (Dappen dish, glass container, porcelain or silicone container). Pour the monomer into the container and then pour the polymer in the indicated proportions. Mix for approximately 30 seconds to make sure that the polymer particles are completely incorporated with the monomer. Cover the container to avoid air inclusion until the mixture reaches the plastic stage (when the mixture does not stick to the spatula or to the container´s walls). Finally, proceed to pack the dental flask.

Pressing: Pack the material in the dental flask previously elaborated and places a polyethylene sheet between the resin and the impression model. Press slowly with 1500 psi, remove the press, open up the dental flask to remove the polyethylene sheet and proceed to cut off the surplus with the help of a spatula, close the dental flask again and apply pressure of 2000 psi to ensure a vertical dimension without alterations.

Working time: The mixture allows a working time of approximately 10 minutes considering room temperature.

Polymerization thermostat bath: Follow the steps of the chart below.

1 73 90 water
2 100 30 water
3 23 30 air
4 23 15 water

Polishing: Polishing is performed according to the techniques and procedures of the dental laboratory.