Opti-Cryl High Impact Acrylic Polymer

The high impact OPTI-CRYL acrylic resin is a copolymer that presents an improvement in the mechanical properties of denture bases such as impact resistance. Hi-Impact acrylic is formulated to resist breakage with a high flexural strength. Natural aesthetics and ease of handling make this a superior product for the fabrication of removable prosthetics.


– High impact strength to resist breakage in dentures and overdentures
– Excellent handling characteristics for both heat cure and microwave techniques
– Provides an accurate copy of the wax pattern
– Available in beautifully characterized Original and Meharry shades
– Low residual monomer
– Biocompatibility with oral tissues
– Optimal resisistance to flexure fatigue, formulated specifically to resist breakage


Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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