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It is used in the fabrication of total, partial, and removable prostheses, and in some cases, with metallic structures that rehabilitate the masticatory, phonetic, and aesthetic function. These prostheses are composed of artificial teeth placed on an acrylic base as a support to preserve the anatomical contact of the mouth. The bases for dentures can be made using thermo-polymerizable acrylic that requires the temperature to polymerize;  either a hot water submersion (between 73 ° C – 100 ° C) or a microwave oven are used for this process. These resins have advantages such as dimensional stability, handling characteristics, color, and compatibility with the tissues of the mouth. In addition, they are resistant to fractures and can be trimmed and polished easily.

– Excellent handling characteristics
– Biocompatibility with oral tissues
– 10 minutes working time
– Designed for use with heat cure, microwave, and injection techniques
– Balanced translucency and shade selection deliver natural aesthetics
– Optimal stability helps maintain correct vertical dimension
– Minimal residual monomer ( Microwave Technique)
– Exceptional flexural strength
– Variety of Colors

Polymer 1lb, 5lb, 22lb
Monomer 8oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon
Shades: Original, Meharry, Clear, Light Pink Veined and Dark Pink Veined.

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