If you don’t like exercise, smile! Ask your dentist and you’ll understand why

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Did you know that smiling is one of the easiest and most effective exercises to do? Regardless of your smile design, if you have dental implants, prostheses, teeth bleaching, or your natural teeth, the 400 muscles that activate when you smile will help you to exercise as if you were at the gym. Experts assure that smiling for 20 seconds equals three minutes of constant workout, so please smile while you read this article.

In New Stetic we realized that in self-improvement books, they have always told us that, so the formula is easy and not so new. Or are you one of those people who all day long show your worried face instead of showing your best smile design?

If so, here are some benefits you can get when you smile, remember that it’s free and you can do it at any time of the day, for example, watching memes or videos on your cell phone, in the middle of funny situations when you spend a nice time with family or friends.

Just as you brush your teeth every morning and take care of your oral health, try to smile every morning in front of the mirror, because this helps you mentalize yourself to start the day in a positive way and want to go out into the world to achieve the goals and dreams you have to accomplish. If you implement it every day and make it a routine, your brain will relax, your blood will be oxygenated, your relationships with others will improve and the best thing is that you will have the opportunity to show off your smile design!

From New Stetic we can assure you that the formula to be happier is very easy, just be aware of smiling often, and this does not only apply to those who work in the dental sector. Anyone can do the following exercise: turn on your stereo, choose songs that make you feel happy, look at yourself in the mirror, think of just one reason to smile and do it! This way, your body will prepare itself to face the day in the best way, something that undoubtedly makes your life easier.

By sending this message to your brain, it will pick it up, turn it into a beautiful smile and you will automatically start to feel better; and it will certainly be easier to solve your problems.

Invite your partner, children or parents to do the same exercise, it’s free! New Stetic assumes the wonderful consequences of your smile, we challenge you to do this activity with your family before starting your daily routine!

Every time we smile, the brain releases endorphins, the muscle relaxant that helps improve mood; if you do it every morning before leaving the house, your muscles will relax and you will breathe easier.

In addition, it is a fact that when you laugh, stress-related hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and dopamine are reduced, so if you had stressful situations the day before, just remember that every morning is a new opportunity to be happy and show the world your teeth!

Want to know more benefits to smile? At New Stetic we love to see you happy so here are some more tips:

By smiling you also benefit your physical health, since by smiling you get twice as much air into your lungs, which improves blood oxygenation and helps lower blood pressure and improve the health of your skin making it look young, fresh and with less dark circles under your eyes. What do you think?

Moreover, it can improve the digestive system, because when you smile the diaphragm performs an internal massage that facilitates digestion and decreases fatty acids, which helps the health of the intestines and reduce constipation. We know you are still smiling with us

Keep in mind that your smile can improve someone’s day, since the face is the first part of the body that is looked at in a person, and among other things, it is important that you take into account your oral health to show off a beautiful smile, as it is the entrance bridge most of the time, to establish relationships.

 #ASmileChangesEverything because when you smile in the street you manage to induce in the other a variation in their mood, it’s something like a chain of favors, as contagious as a yawn.

Smiling is free! When you leave your house and smile to the driver of the public service or the man in the store, you are projecting yourself as a social person and it is the perfect opportunity to establish new relationships or friendships.

In New Stetic we want you to remember to smile every morning when you wake up, this will be the best formula to overcome stressful moments and to change the routine that we live in the street every day. That’s why at New Stetic we create smiles around the world, as we are present in 64 countries, one more reason to smile!

We encourage you to share more of your smile and your happiness levels and those around you will increase.