Meet our new Veracril characterization kit

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Having the best materials guarantees success when performing all our procedures, that is why today we will tell you more about our Veracril Characterization Kit.

Our Veracril Characterization Kit is aimed at dental laboratory technicians who want to opt for a wide range of different colors and shades which will allow them to obtain a high level of naturalness and aesthetics in their prostheses. This kit offers 8 different colors that allow the dental laboratorist to pigment the dental prosthesis with the ideal shades required to achieve works of high naturalness and resemblance to real dentures. The 8 colors come in presentation of 40 grams each and have dispenser cap for easy dosing.

The colors are:

Red V 51, Smooth Meharry, Smooth Vr5, Smooth B, Smooth Original, Smooth C, Smooth Clear and Beige A4.

Two colors of fibers are included in the kit. One of them blue color and the other one red color, these fibers give more naturalness to the prosthesis, giving it the appearance of blood vessels.

Methacrylate polymers have been very popular in dentistry because they are easily processed using relatively simple techniques and have the ability to provide the essential properties and characteristics necessary for use in oral restoration.

One of their main applications is the elaboration of total, partial and removable prostheses with metallic structures that rehabilitate masticatory, phonetic and esthetic function. These prostheses are composed of artificial teeth placed on an acrylic base, as a support to maintain contact with the oral tissues.

Denture bases can be elaborated using heat-curing acrylic, which requires temperature to polymerize, applying either a thermostated water bath or a microwave oven. These resins have advantages such as dimensional stability, handling characteristics, color and compatibility with oral tissues, they are resistant to fractures and can be easily trimmed and polished. They can also be used to fabricate neuromorelaxing plates (NMR) and temporary teeth.

What are their uses and characteristics?

The composition of the heat-curing acrylic resins Veracril®, OptiCryl®, (polymer and monomer) are indicated for the elaboration of bases for total, partial and removable prostheses, esthetic plates, surgical guides, bruxism plates or neuromiorelaxant plates (NMR) and provisional teeth.

Its characteristics are:

– Heat-curing acrylics have the ability to be molded into complex shapes with the application of heat and pressure.

– Provides the essential properties and characteristics necessary for use in the oral cavity.

– Easy to manipulate.

– Exhibit sufficient translucency to give the natural appearance of replaced oral tissues.

– They do not show color or pigmentation changes even when subjected to body temperatures.

What are their safety standards?

Acrylic resins are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and through a fully standardized production process certified under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards. In addition, in the Quality Control Laboratory, compliance with the requirements of ISO20795-1:2015 for the finished product is checked by means of specialized equipment.

Water Absorption and Solubility: Checks the amount of water absorbed by the acrylic resins or the amount of weight they lose when immersed in water. Acrylic is insoluble in saliva or any other fluid found in the mouth.

Porosity: Processed acrylic presents a surface free of imperfections and porosities.

Flexural Strength and Flexural Modulus: Measures the degree of deformation of acrylic resins to withstand the occlusal forces exerted at the time of use, additionally measures the force that supports a resin to fracture that ensures good clinical performance.

Translucency: An object on the opposite side of the acrylic specimen should be visible.

Residual Monomer: The content of monomer that may remain during the elaboration of the prosthesis should be minimal to guarantee the absence of irritations in the oral tissues.

Download the technical data sheet of this product by clicking here.

Now that you know more about our characterization kit, we invite you to try it and take your procedures to another level with the quality that defines New Stetic.