The hands behind the acrylic teeth of New Stetic

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Part of #OurSecretNewStetic is the love and passion with which we do our work. Products for dental health elaborated by expert hands and with innovative equipment; that has made that during these more than 60 years, we accompany you in your dental processes. Now we are going to tell you more about our acrylic teeth, a flagship product exported to 68 countries worldwide.

Did you know that at New Stetic we produce 80 million teeth a year? That’s an incredible figure!

Since our foundation in 1954, we have undergone a series of transformations that have led us to become a benchmark in the industry, always based on the idea of innovation and modernization. That is why our production plant is one of the most technological and modern in Latin America, thanks to the acquisition of new tools that contribute to be more efficient and reduce costs.

Every day in New Stetic we produce around 219 thousand units of prosthetic teeth, a more than surprising figure and all this is thanks to our human factor.

What is the success of our acrylic teeth based on?

The success of our acrylic teeth is based on two fundamental things: our human factor and the quality of our products.

Commitment, passion and love for their work are the main characteristics of our employees. Most of them come from the region of Guarne, where our factory is located, and 65% of our employees are women. We recognize in them, the value they imprint in each of our products and the satisfactory experience we provide to our customers.

Thus, at #NewStetic we are committed to the development of our staff and the region, which is why we provide opportunities for growth within the company. As they say, happy employees, happy customers.

In our acrylic teeth manufacturing plant, the magic behind the whole process is experienced day by day. Our highly trained team knows that you and your customers deserve the best, that’s why they put all the love and passion into every single dental piece.

This is how all our processes are rigorous, monitored and certified by competent staff, employees who are always aware that everything must be perfect, to deliver a quality product.

Aleida Maria Escobar is one of the women who is part of our factory, located in the Teeth and Finishing area, she lives her work every day with passion and dedication. She tells us how New Stetic has allowed her to grow and learn things that have contributed to her personal and work development, leading her to give her best every day. This is why #OurSecretNewStetic is to have highly trained personnel with passion for their work.

On the other hand, the quality of our products is an important factor that recognizes us as a company at an international level, and there are already more than 68 countries that count on our service. Likewise, we offer a wide range of acrylic teeth, among which we highlight: Biodent, Duratone, Super – C, Tiziano. Click here to see the entire catalog of teeth we have for you. 

A differential factor in the material of our teeth is that they have a double acrylic layer that provides durability and strength, and a layer with a component that gives them fluorescence properties. In addition, our teeth have a wide variety of shades and different shapes that adapt to the needs and physiognomy of each of your patients, allowing the naturalness of the product. Your patients will love them!

Don’t hesitate to count on us to choose the artificial teeth for your procedures. Click here to visit our online store, easy and safe! You will also find our entire line of products with excellent discounts.

#OurSecret New Stetic is our human factor and the magic behind acrylic teeth is undoubtedly the passion and expertise of our staff.

At New Stetic, we think about your smile!