Five steps to position your practice on the Internet

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Do you want to increase your number of clients, keep the ones you already have, improve your positioning? From where you are, in your dental office or clinic, you can take advantage of the great benefits of a comprehensive marketing strategy, which will allow you to reach your market niche, make yourself known in the best way, have more customers and finally achieve their loyalty and recommendation.

First of all, stop thinking that this is a practice exclusive to large companies. The use of the Internet is an effective medical marketing tool that all professionals should take into consideration if they try to attract patients to their office using traditional means, since they will probably not have the expected results because the vast majority of their patients are already using the Internet.

1. Explore the tools of the internet and become a virtual dentist or specialist: the internet is not just all that information that you see thrown by different people in an interface whose purpose is to enjoy some leisure time. There are many tools on the net that can be useful to have access to scientific information, calls for papers and diverse bibliographies such as blogs, social networks, specialized magazines, organizations, etc. Also, you need to let others know about you, so you must have channels that allow you to communicate what you do and where you are and for this you can rely on:

  • creating a website.
  • Social networks are not superfluous, define which one or ones can be more useful for you and your business.
  • Look for specialized advertising media.

If you have already located the media on the Internet to make your information public, make up your mind and create your website and a blog that allows you to publish articles of interest to your customers, make a profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share useful tips, and why not? Join LinkedIn and interact with groups, make yourself visible in the eyes of others!

2. Define your target: define the work you do and, based on this, establish an audience to whom you are going to direct all the information you will make public on the Internet. Your communication must be completely different if you want to address your colleagues or your patients.

3. Manage your online presence: it is not really that complicated, but it is necessary to have a certain degree of consistency between what you say in a social network and what you project in other media, especially when you are a health professional since your image and reputation are articulated with a very significant concept in the sector: trust. Something that can help you is to follow your idols; it is likely that you have one or more people you admire and are referents for one reason or another, learn from them, look for them on the internet and replicate what they have done and that can help you position yourself on the web.

4. Interaction is fundamental: do not leave in the hands of your patients or clients their return, interaction is the key. Do not leave your social networks abandoned and much less, ignore your followers; show interest in them, call them, invite them to subscribe to your blog, send them an e-mail, offer them something special; details make the difference and could bring significant benefits for you, for them and for your practice on the Internet.

5. Educate and attract public to your practice: the more informed your client is, the more confidence they will have in your work and the more likely they will recommend you; look for media such as blogs, webinars, videos, face-to-face talks, the important thing is that you share information that is useful to them constantly. In addition, invite your followers to visit your office, in this way, you will reinforce the dynamics of the dentist-patient relationship in a space that you really dominate.

Take advantage of the medium; nowadays, the Internet is a great platform for any of us, and that includes all health professionals, to take part in it. If you have a practice and you are really interested in reaching more people, we invite you to follow these tips to achieve it.